Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

There are a lot of healthcare providers, so enforcing standards for physicians was rather difficult for CMS, let alone identifying and preventing cases of negligence and financial fraud.

That’s where we came in, helping CMS monitor the quality of healthcare, including vaccinations, emergency responses, and prescriptions.

Helping CMS monitor the quality of healthcare

To help achieve CMS’s goals, we leveraged our extensive backend systems expertise to monitor healthcare complaints and breaches of standard practice.

However, we realized we could help identify and reduce provider negligence and financial fraud using similar methods, so we established those algorithms as well.

ID and Reduce Negligence and Fraud


Case breakdown


  • Backend Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Administration


  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Oracle & SQL Server Administration
  • Automated Reporting


  • Monitoring Healthcare Quality
  • Identifying Negligence
  • Fraud Identification