Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the world’s largest compendium of information. As such, security is among their top priorities.

When they discovered an internal security threat, they asked us to help because of our deep history of solving precarious database and system flaws.

Solving Precarious Database and System Flaws

We discovered that faulty user profile logic caused the flaw, so we fixed it. However, we didn’t stop there.

We set up real-time monitoring policies to protect against an even wider range of threats, bolstering the Library of Congress’ internal defenses. We also realized that our algorithms alone couldn’t defend them forever, so we set up automated reporting and auditing processes, allowing them to identify red flags when other defenses failed.

Algorithms alone couldn't defend them forever

Case Summary


  • Realtime Monitoring Policies
  • User & Employee Profiles
  • Automatic Reporting & Auditing


  • Internal Security Threat
  • Ambiguous Detection Procedures
  • Time-intensive Reporting & Auditing


  • Database Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Auditing