MD State Highway Administration

Critical Systems Support

Maryland had over 20 server groups over 9 regions supporting critical traffic-incident reporting infrastructure used by nearly 2 million people every day.

Maryland was having trouble maintaining 24/7 uptime of their servers and databases and ensuring commuter safety and quick incident responses.

After an extensive vetting process, they selected us due to our extensive history of database and systems expertise.

" Their expertise was reliable, time and time again. "


The biggest challenge was handling holiday rushes, which saw traffic increases of 200-300%.

Despite several server crashes, we were always able to maintain system uptime and serve commuters who depended on us.

While performing an internal audit, we recognized that Maryland's data and backups were partially corrupt.

To resolve this, we pieced together old data given to the University of Maryland system and clarified a procedure to resolve the corruption.

" They really saved our neck during holiday rushes. "


Case breakdown


  • Emergency Holiday Support
  • Creative and Innovative Data Recovery
  • Legacy Technology Support


  • 5-year contract
  • Server and Database Maintenance & Recovery
  • Integrate with work from other contractors


  • Excellent Customer and Client Support
  • Reliable Technical Expertise
  • Creative and Simple solutions to complex challenges