Stealth Video Startup


Building a competitive video platform in 2019 is hard.

This stealth startup was building a new video platform for China with plans for global expansion.

They came to us for our deep experience building and maintaining scalable systems.

" They helped us stay on track with amazing project management. "


Although we generally avoid premature optimization, this case was different.

Here, their desired growth would quickly kill and bankrupt the company if our systems were not well-engineered, so scalability and security were our top priorities.

Using a Django-React-AliCloud stack, we quickly began iterating our backend and frontend prototypes, writing meticulous documentation as requested.

In fact, we went a step further.

We noticed they were struggling with project management, so we helped them establish an efficient structure that promoted initiative, accountability, and organization.

Unfortunately, due to the company’s relocation to China, we couldn’t keep supporting them.

However, our successors were immensely grateful for our documentation and detailed DevOps manuals.

" Had a fantastic, 10/10 experience working with Agnimurus! "


Case breakdown


  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Django
  • Data: Alibaba Cloud


  • High-Scale Infrastructure
  • Complex Database Management


  • Excellent Documentation
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Experience-Hardened Engineering