MVP Development

TimeSwap, our first startup client, started out as a food delivery service, but made a drastic pivot to a college-campus-services marketplace.

They needed to build an MVP (from scratch) to launch on both Android and iOS in less than two months, so they came to us for help.

" Working with Agnimurus transformed the way we conduct our business. "


Since our specifications could change at any time, we needed a versatile and robust stack for quick adjustments.

Although Flutter was still in its infancy, it allowed us to quickly iterate on both platforms simultaneously and deliver for TimeSwap.

Although our MVP wasn’t pretty, it was functional and allowed TimeSwap to rapidly improve their understanding of their customers.

To ease their launch, we provided 1-business day hotfixes for 45 days, helping them retain customers and approach their growth goals.

" They always made sure everyone on our team was heard. "


Case breakdown


  • Frontend: Flutter
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Data: Google Cloud Platform
  • In-App Payments
  • Realtime Data Display (No refresh necessary!)


  • New Technology (Developer Operations)
  • Dual Platform Development in < 2 months
  • Constantly Changing Specifications


  • Customer Retention
  • Rapid Growth
  • 1-Business Day Hotfixes